TV presenter: a dream job ?

TV presenter

Generally, a TV presenter has to be confident, lively and must look presentable. Your physical appearance matters a lot, and you can learn this from presenters like Laura Hamilton. You also have to be relaxed before the camera, be happy at all costs and act naturally when interacting with people. You just have to train yourself to be flexible. Besides your personality, here is what you need to do to be a TV presenter. 

Get Enough Experience

There is usually no specific qualifications needed to become a TV presenter. Many people start their careers by working as media researchers or runners like Laura Hamilton, working behind the scenes. Some even shift from actor to presenters while some move into TV from media areas like journalism. What mainly matters in this situation is the skills you acquire. You must acquire as much experience as possible for you to understand how the industry works and build a network of contacts. Voluntary work in, for example, community or student radio can help a lot. You also need to know that competition for jobs is stiff so you will need to be wise when promoting yourself. You must always have a showreel to showcase your on-screen presenting experience and skills. You also have to be determined and persistent.

Be a Niche Presenter

Working as a niche presenter makes you stand out better compared to being a general TV presenter. If you have a degree in a field like science or history, you can combine the knowledge with your TV presentation skills. This proves that you have detailed knowledge in a specific area and gives you an upper hand when you are looking for a job. You should know that if you are into the media industry as a presenter, makeup artist, blogger or any other job, you must view yourself as a business. Your unique selling point will help you find your dream job easily. You need to be unique to the other TV presenters.

Dress the Part

Most people form their first perception within around seven seconds of seeing something. Hence, it is important to consider the way you dress or style your overall appearance because it will impact your viewers. Your appearance can also determine how easy or hard it is for people to view your content. Check Laura Hamilton photos for some inspiration. Consider the kind of background that your video is being shot against and dress accordingly. Laura Hamilton photos will show you a perfect example of how you can dress for a specific presentation. You will need fabrics that can move well with you while you are shooting. Avoid noisy patterns as some patterns or lines that appear too small and detailed can make the camera to seem like it is "swimming". You should also avoid loud accessories as these can detract you from your message or distract your viewers. For women, things such as earrings that catch the light and dangle or other statement jewellery should be avoided as they are fond of distracting audiences. Lastly, you can consider engaging a makeup artist who can help you put your best face forward. It is no surprise that even some of the most polished men at times need to wear a little bit of unclouded powder to reduce the shiny effect of the skin when shooting video content.

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