The impact of the Iranian opposition on the future of the country

The impact of the Iranian opposition

Iran has been slow in development, with religion, cultural and political internal forces trying as much as possible to keep the country isolated from societal change. Since 1981, the national council of resistance of Iran has raised a team of policymakers who believe that Iran has a chance of getting their democracy right. More information about ncri Iran can be found on and its work to bring peace and development into the country. However, being the opposition has not been easy in a country that is led by leaders from the community considered the majority.

Iranian Opposition

Iran politics has always been about maintaining a firm standing on which policies make the country controllable. Since the age of dictatorship under the Shah, whose aim was to destroy all powers of the opposition, pushing for democratic policies has not been entirely successful. There have been a few relaxed laws such as loser hijab for women and the government permitting a few social parties, but this cannot be compared to the desire for actual change, which is the leading cause of Iran resistance. The opposition, ncri Iran, promises a lot of change under the foundation of creating a religion versus state policy. The big question is whether Iran is ready for this transition and what it means for the country and its neighbours.

Positive Impacts

If the opposition finally makes its way through Iranians and convinces them to support a new dawn entirely, this will mean the beginning of an Iran with a democratic government. Consequently, it is expected that some of the sanctions imposed by the US to limit its relationship with Iran politics and development will be lifted. As of now, oil export in Iran has reduced significantly, which will eventually lead to high inflation rates. If the opposition brings peace, stability, freedom and good international relations, Iran has the chance to experience economic growth and development.

Negative Impacts

Sadly, for ncri Iran to finally find its grounding in the country, it has to be willing to do whatever it takes to take back the country from a hostile regime. This might end up in unwanted deaths from wars like those witnessed in Iraq. Another war may mean the destruction of resources, low domestic production of food and basic needs, leading to economic stagnation and eventually, people becoming refugees in neighbouring countries.


According to Holly Dagres, editor at IranSource Blog, Iran is not virtually isolated from the rest of the world. The country has about 56 million internet users who are well versed about the world's entertainment progress. If this is true, it also means that Iran politics has the chance of embracing a different form of policymaking and enforcement. This is because the youth in the country already understand the social and economic progress of the rest of the world, thanks to the internet.

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