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If you have a strong background in hair and makeup or you simply have an interest in that field of work, you can become an eyelash technician. To do that, get the tools and skills you need when you click here. An eyelash technician applies eyelash extensions on clients who want longer eyelashes. To be successful as an eyelash extension expert, it is important to be certified.

Learn about Licensing Requirements

In most states, you have to take an eyelash extensions class and be certified. You will need to be a certified esthetician, cosmetologist, or have a medical license. In some states, you might not need to have any previous licensing. It is important to find out from the board of cosmetology in your region about the licensing needs. You may also contact an eyelash-training program, which will provide you with all the details. In general, never get into this line of work unless you have all the legal requirements. It could lead to serious legal implications and even personal liability. Besides that, you want to ensure that your clients are getting the best service from you, which might require some extra training.

The Schedule for a Certified Eyelash Technician

Whether you work for someone or for yourself, your income is based on how much you work. Most certified lash technicians would work many hours per week since they like to make a lot of money. Of course, you should pick workdays that do not interfere with your work schedule. To ensure you maximize your earnings, you should also consider days and hours that are most convenient for your clients. In most cases, you will work during weekends; this is when clients are free. If you choose to work for a salon, you can expect to work about 3 days a week. On each day, you will be working for about 5-8 hours. If you work alone, you might have weeks when you work for two days and others where you work for 6 days straight. Keep in mind that your income will depend on your dedication to your chosen career. You will also want to ensure that you use high-quality eyelash extensions products to keep your customers happy.

Taking the Eyelash Extension Course

The certification process is not very complicated. It will take about 3 days on average to complete the course and begin your new career. It covers all areas including sanitation and application. After all, eyes are sensitive and you want to ensure that you understand how to work around them. The reason for this wide range is the content, kit, duration, and reputation of the training program you pick. Ensure that you pick a program with a thorough program, great prices, and continued service for its alumni. You can even ask some of your friends if the program you pick is comprehensive enough, based on the skills they  learned in their program.

Succeeding as Eyelash Technicians

When you get started, you will want to take on as many clients as you can. At this stage, you are just selling your skills. Not every client will approve of your technique and some will even leave bad reviews. However, if you take on as many clients as you can, some will become your loyal customers. Besides that, you have to be warm and friendly to your clients. This is a service and some clients will judge you on your perceived attitude toward them as well as your skills. It also means that you will have to stick to your schedule. Never miss an appointment unless you really have to.

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