Health stones: discover the virtues of the emerald stone

emerald stone

Emerald is a beautiful gemstone whose colour varies from yellow-green to blue-green. It is made up of chromium, Iron and Vanadium, which account for its unique hue. Although the etymology of its name is not clear, some scientists and researchers believe this world came from Sanskirt. Others consider it a word of Persian origin. The two terms were distorted to form a Latin word, Smaragdus, which means ‘heart of stone.’ Since ancient times, this stone has been in existence, where Babylonians used it as a currency in 2000BC. Egyptians tapped into their mines approximately 5000 years ago to make jewels for their aristocracy. They found the Jebel Zabarah deposit in 1816, which contained these precious stones but of a low value. The Queen of Egypt named this deposit ‘Cleopatra mines’ following her fascination by this stone. She offered her entourage this gemstone in the form of bracelets, pendants or necklaces.

Currently, this stone’s deposits are found in different parts of the world, such as Australia, South Africa, Colombia, the United States, and Tanzania, among others. Over the years, different cultures have seen this gemstone as a powerful stone and have put it into various uses. For example, the ancient Egyptians linked it to fertility or rebirth. The Chaldeans, on the other hand, believed that this stone contained a goddess. Additionally, in China, Thursday was an emerald’s wearing day as they associated it with good luck. Nero from Ancient Rome watched gladiator fights via transparent emeralds as he found the colours calming. Following all these ancient beeves and uses of this precious stone, various virtues have been linked to it. This guide outlines all the virtues you need to know about this magical stone.

Virtues of Emeralds

Outlined below are some of the virtues of this precious stone.


Lithotherapy is a form of treatment that uses energy and stones to cure various ailments. It is based on the belief that health stone and minerals can naturally communicate in a particular way to different parts of the body to improve the affected person’s well-being. This system uses the power of natural gemstones to uphold and balance the functionality of the mind, body and spirit, yielding psychosomatic level, bodily level and spiritual level benefits, respectively. This stone is known to cure issues with the cardiovascular system, skeletal system, skin, digestive system, respiratory system, liver and kidneys. It has cleansing powers that prevent infections and diseases.

Additionally, it was believed that expectant mothers who wore it protected their children from complications during birth. It is also an effective relief for fever and migraines. Through lithotherapy, this natural stone has also been used to cure colic, ulcers, burns, influenza, anaemia, epilepsy, skin disorders, asthma and high blood pressure.

The healing virtue of this stone also extends to providing improved eyesight. Some people argue that this precious stone would heal eye problems if worn, while others believed that gazing deeply into the stone’s green colour aspects would improve the eyesight. Others crushed it into a fine powder and used it as an eye lotion to cure inflammation and other eye-related problems.


This stone plays a crucial role in religion. Its dominant colour, green, is considered a holy colour in Islam. Islamic countries and states use green banners to symbolize their unity. Additionally, in Christianity, the green colour has a place in the Catholic doctrine. Catholics see it as a primary and natural colour in the liturgy. Some people believe that a part of this stone fell off from archangel lucifer’s forehead when he was thrown out for defying God. The stone fell onto the earth, after which Solomon found it and gave it to Queen Sheba. It was later carved into a chalice and Nicomedes kept it before it landed in the hands of Joseph of Arimathea.

Additionally, during the last supper, Jesus used a cup made from this stone and it has since then been known as the Holy Grail. Most people believe that wearing this precious mineral stone creates a sense of harmony, security and closeness to God.


For years, most people have seen this gemstone as a powerful communication tool. They believe that it helps wearers express their views and thoughts eloquently and clearly. Additionally, this stone improves the mind’s functioning, promotes memory and aids in emotional life, thus promoting creativity and eloquence. It also helps people with speech difficulties. Therefore, public speakers, leaders and managers can wear this stone to achieve success. It has the power of good vibes that can boost the speaker’s ability to impress others through their words as well as enhance their authority as leaders. Additionally, it brings good fortune and it helps rekindle sympathy and kindness. One can also wear this stone during an interview to bring good luck and help handle everything effectively and efficiently. Since communication is a key aspect of life, wearing this stone can help establish and maintain good relations.

Excellent Form of Protection

Most business people consider this stone as a form of protection against cheats or losses in businesses. If businessmen wear it, they get the courage to face challenging situations and emerge victors. This stone is known to remove negative energy from the heart, transforming it into positive emotional energy that keeps business people going. Additionally, it is known to give a strong intuition power and also aids in critical thinking and decision making. Furthermore, it can shield a business person from their enemies or other negative occurrences that may interfere with their business. One can wear it as a pendant, bracelet or ring for protection from any intended harm.

Creativity and Invention

Different minerals and stone varieties are linked to boosting creativity and innovation in the art industry. This gemstone is one of them and is a handy tool for those working in the field of arts. People working in the music industry, interior design, painting and fashion and design can wear this Mercury planet stone to boost their performance. It enhances their creativity and innovation. By wearing this gemstone, artists can generate new ideas in their various niches giving them a competitive advantage against their counterparts. Any artist seeking to succeed in their career should consider wearing a bracelet, ring, pendant or any other jewellery piece made from this stone.

Love and Beauty

In ancient times, people associated this stone with Venus, a Greek goddess of love and beauty. They believed that wearing it would protect lovers from infidelity or unfaithfulness. If the heart of the lovers were loyal, this gemstone would glow in a beautiful green colour. However, if there was a case of infidelity, it would turn into a dull, lifeless colour. Therefore, this stone helps in upholding the virtues of love and faithfulness.

Additionally, wearing this stone helped improve the wearer’s intelligence and memory, facilitating critical thinking about the past, present and future occurrences.


Most cultures associate this gemstone with the virtue of knowledge. If a child has difficulties reading and performing in school, getting them to wear this magical stone may work wonders for them. It boosts their intelligence, concentration and focus and also improves their ability to grasp and retain information. The overall result is an exemplary performance in school. Generally, this magical stone is known to improve the brain’s health and functionality, facilitating a boost of intelligence.

Tap into the Healing Energy

People born between 21st May to 20th June or 21st August to 20th September can wear this gemstone as their birthstone. It brings along good luck, healing and other associated benefits. However, other people can also tap the stone’s healing benefits too by believing in its capabilities and the healing energy. When getting this stone from the stores, one should consider its colour; it ranges from blue-green to yellow-green. Additionally, check for fissures that make it different from other minerals and gemstones and consider its rank on the Mohs scale. Its hardness should rank between 7.5 to 8.

Final Thoughts

For decades, a healing stone has been in use for various reasons. While some people believe in the good luck the stone brings, others are glued to its beauty. Over the years, however, one thing about the emerald has remained constant; the unarguable healing property. In different parts of the world, a good number of people believe in the natural positive energy, healing, and the general aesthetics of this precious stone. Whether you believe in its healing properties, beauty or the immense luck it brings, you can always find a trustworthy dealer, to source the emeralds from. You can wear the stone around your neck, on your wrist or simply hold it in your hand to harness its energy. You can also place the stone in your house, if you want to fill it with positive energy.

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