Marine collagen, the anti-ageing ally to know

Marine collagen

It is of essence to first understand what collagen is, and its importance too. In simple terms, it is the dominant constructional protein in animals. This also includes human beings. As human beings, this principal protein is found in our skin, bones, intestines, blood vessels, and muscles.

As we grow older, we generate less of this protein. However, this reduction can also be attributable to poor diets. When this protein falls low in our bodies, we may begin experiencing joint aches, wrinkled skin, feeble muscles, stiff tendons, and bowel upsets. Consequently, is important to use collagen supplements, to sustain the sufficiency of this protein in our bodies.

An example of such supplements is marine collagen, which we should get to understand at a deeper level, you may find it on

Marine Collagen

This supplement is also referred to as fish-collagen. The protein is obtained from fish and more sea life, an example being jellyfish.

How Is Fish-Collagen Made?

It is obtained from the scales, skin, and bones of fish. Basically, it is extracted from whatever is left after the tissue has been pulled out for consumption as food. Under normal circumstances, these products would be disposed of, as they are deemed to be a purposeless raw waste.

Extracting this protein from these raw products is, therefore, an eco-friendly alternative for cosmetic firms. As a supplement, fish protein comes in three different forms. The collagen supplements can either be consumed in liquid form, as a powder, or taken as a capsule. Regardless of the preferred mode of consuming the collagen supplement, the benefits remain unchanged.

Fish-Collagen Benefits

1. Enhances skin health

Regular consumption of fish-collagen increases dermal cells. Consequently, it helps in the sustenance of the dermis thickness. This is also in line with the repair and renewal of skin tissues. Additionally, fish-collagen keeps the skin hydrated, glowing, smooth, and firm. The protein also has an anti-ageing effect, whereby it reduces the surfacing of wrinkles and fine lines.

2. Strengthens bones

There are peptides contained in the protein, that enhance the absorption of minerals such as phosphorus by the bones. Since this protein is the main component of the bones’ mass, marine-collagen reinstates the density of minerals in bones. Accordingly, the marine-collagen gives the bones a structure for elasticity and strength.

3. Aids in proper growth of nails and hair

The consumption of marine-collagen reduces the breakage of nails. This implies that it makes nails stronger. Collagen-protein is among the hair’s building blocks and hence, its use amplifies the strength and growth of hair.

4. Boosts bowel functionality

Digestion of fish-collagen is very easy for the gut. This aspect makes consumption of marine-collagen safe. In addition to this, one of its components is amino acids, that contain glutamine and glycine. These two constituents protect the lining of the digestive system.

Glutamine is important for the well-being of the cells found along the gastrointestinal area. On the other hand, glycine eases inflammation of the digestive system.

5. Makes the heart and blood vessels stronger

When collagen-protein is low, blood vessels become frail. On this account, heart diseases may occur. The intake of collagen supplement gives strength to blood vessels and enhances the functionality of the heart. It also reduces the tightness of the blood vessels, therefore boosting their elasticity during blood circulation.

6. It has an antibacterial effect

Fish-collagen contains peptides that subdue the growth and multiplication of bacteria. If any bacteria that can cause diseases or infections are present in the body, the consumption of marine-collagen can destroy these bacteria.

There is now extensive understanding of marine-collagen, the process of extraction, and its health benefits.

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