There is one person you can call in times of need or difficulty


They have no one to call in times of need or difficulty. They are at the mercy of life, standing alone. That is friend, a lot of people go through life with just a few friends.

It seems that a few have less than that. They have nobody on whom they can call in good times or bad. Friendships are the gift to the mankind. The relation which usually we get in this world is bloodstream related. But the only relationships which usually does not related to blood is companionship. Friendship has many forms and styles. It is like water. If we pour the water into a Glass Water Bottle it takes the shape of it. If you pour the same water into a coffee mug and then it takes the shape of it. Same manner friendships will take a different shapes and sizes according to our heart. Friendship gives pleasure to human beings. Where there is companionship then there will not be any sorrow. When you see a child laughing you will overlook your sorrows for a second, same manner when you are with a friend you overlook your sorrows. They will make you content like you got a gift box.

Friendship is only everlasting function in this world. There may be biggest miracle which can change the entire world but even in that miracle also friendship will come out from its sleep. Friendship is like the banyan tree. Banyan tree seed is very small, but when it comes out of earth nothing can stop its growth. The same applies to friendship also. Companionship will reside in our heart like the banyan tree seed. When it discovers the correct soil in another cardiovascular it starts its growth.

At one stage if you get friendlier with that person it can become tree after that nothing in this world can stop it. Friends will try to get new ways to make you not to fall. Friends may not save but they in no way let you go to deep. Friends find innovative ways to stop you from falling and try to get some more help to lift you. When we don’ big t have any friends we won’ t come out when there is a difficulty. But when we have friends with us, We all never sit inside during a friend is in problem.

We might not be brave but friendship gives courage to our mind and body. Friends will save us from any situations. Friends will help us to escape from huge troubles. Friends will come front to solve the problems. Friendship never knows to runaway during problems. A good friend stays when there is problem and will go after the problem solves. We can inform a lot about friendship and friends. You may have a lot of friends but try to get a friend who is loyal, trustable to us and be like that to your friend also. That is the only meaning of friendship.

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