Digital marketing strategy: what tools can we use?

Digital marketing

Published on : 21 June 20194 min reading time

Are you aware that there are approximately 28 million small businesses in the US alone? With such alarming statistics, it is no wonder that most small enterprise owners are looking for a competitive advantage. If you’re among them, it is highly likely that you’re looking for means to get ahead of the competition. Below are some of the top outstanding tools that will come in handy within the realms of digital marketing:

Analytic tools and Google Adwords

One of the most highly effective mediums for webmarketing are analytic tools. Some analytic tools include Twitter analytics, Facebook insights, and Google analytics. Twitter analytics and Facebook insights provide metrics about engagement and assist marketers in optimizing their campaigns. On the other hand, Google Analytics is designed to track stats for web traffic that goes to a specific site. Additionally, analytic tools like Periscope can track user data, conversion metrics and site searches. Google AdWords is located in the ‘Tools” tab and gives you an actual number you can work with. To use this tool, you’ll have to choose one or more keywords, select your preferred country and language then view approximately the number of times your word is searched. By doing so, you’ll see if the competition is ‘low’, ‘medium’ or ‘high’ as well as the suggested bid for the keyword. You can also enlist the services of seasoned PPC campaign companies that will assist you in undertaking an effective marketing strategy. Click here to have a better understanding of how PPC campaign firms utilize search engine optimization. As such, they have a good understanding of parameters such as keywords, frequency and location.

Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are great platforms for you to meet your customers and generate buzz around your brand. In the modern age, social media channels such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook should be part of an integrated marketing strategy. Apart from the standard features that are offered by these platforms, certain features also exist that are designed purposefully for marketing. For instance, one such tool that is available on Facebook is Facebook Ads Manager. The feature allows you to track ad performance and run ads. In addition to that, other social media management tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer also work in tandem with such platforms. Buffer and Hootsuite allow you to measure audience engagement and schedule social posts.

Email Marketing Tools

Online marketing tools that are often ignored by most people are email marketing tools. Such tools come in handy in assisting marketers in encouraging their clients to engage more with their brand and create email campaigns that amplify their content. Moreover, the tools also encourage customers to go a step further and sign up for events as well as by-products. A plethora of email marketing tools abound. They include Iterable and MailChimp. These tools will enable you to automate your email campaigns and build your email lists. Additionally, they also provide analytics for making optimization and testing quick and easy.

Content Marketing Tools

Tools such as Hubspot and Coschedule are a big help when it comes to curation and content creation. Indeed, they are the best tools for marketers who are more concerned with content marketing. As a marketer, they will assist you in identifying content opportunities. Apart from that, the tools will also be of great assistance in creating social media and blog posts that will resonate with your audience. HubSpot brings together your entire marketing funnel by attracting visitors and closing customers. The HubSpot software will help you access tools that will assist you in marketing automation, call to action, search engine optimization, and landing pages. Such tools and their ability to accomplish a wide array of tasks make HubSpot a top priority for those who are starting a business. Apart from Coschedule and Hubspot, Buffer also gives you the ability to interact with your audience on social media. Therefore, the content you upload is guaranteed to help generate attention for a particular news story.

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