Connection, A Two-Way Process in Interactions

-Way Process in Interactions

Connection works best when there is interaction, reaction and interaction, and a comprehension derived from this.Somewhere in the process could be the ability to listen. I feel the simplest way to describe this is by incorporating the Shannon-Weaver design into this discussion as well as application why husbands should listen to their wives.

The actual sender is widely considered to be the one who initiates the interaction through transmitting their thoughts, opinion, or information in a manner that the receiver can understand this. The actual receiver’ s role is to interpret the sender’ s thoughts, opinion, or information. She or he completes the procedure by providing interaction.

It is widely agreed upon that marriage is a two-way connection. One provides, the other receives; one has needs that the other attempts to meet, and likewise. The bond to their relationship is love, thing to consider, respect, persistence, and loyalty. No marriage may succeed when one party is giving its all while the other is merely a ravenous customer or taker.

Connection is similarly a two-way process, and also the parties who take part in it serve double roles. Once the spouse (or wife) has carried the initial message, he or she becomes the receiver of the message that’ s been transmitted by the some other spouse. Ideally, this should be done willfully by both, because it is my opinion that effective transmission within a marriage produces unity and also selflessness.

The actual sender’ s role is to encode the info, thoughts, opinions, and/or actions that may include the intended message regarding words (either written or spoken) so that the receiver can easily and also effectively decode the message in terms that she or he may interpret and best realize.

Sufficed to say, if all couples were capable and also willing to try this, perhaps a substantial part of relational problems might be resolved.

One of the biggest problems that I’ observa observed in many marriage relationships involved the capability or inability in order to structure messages that this other person might receive as well as the capability or inability to interpret the messages carried, and then provide useful feedback.

There may be nothing the spouse can do to obtain the other to concentrate. Still below are a few procedure for think about:

* Suggest a weekly conference.

* Ask how often you would like to meet. And both of you agree on the rate of recurrence.

* Create the right feeling or environment.

* Ask how can we all improve your transmission?

* Ask how would you rate your connection?

* Talk on terms that both can understand and offer positive feedback (and not really negative).

* Don’ t rush to judge or discover mistake.

There may be nothing the spouse can do to obtain the other to concentrate. Still there are somethings that can be done and also considered.

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